Romantic luxury hotel in Paris: the address of the Opal Opera Hotel to remember

If many hotels boast of their romantic aspect, not all of them necessarily leave the same impression. At the Opal Opera Hotel, we are both under the spell of the romanticism of the establishment, the comfort of the rooms and the modernity of the equipment: a true luxury and romantic hotel in Paris in short.

Romantic 4 star hotel, the key to a successful stay with the Opal Opera Hotel

The Opal Opera Hotel is a luxury hotel. With its 31 rooms and 2 suites, it offers a particularly qualitative choice in the rooms. They are all equipped with high quality bedding, TV with C+ or air conditioning. But their comfort is above all the layout of the rooms, their very inspiring design, the view of the roofs of Paris, these elements in the building that testify to the historic character of the building. As soon as you enter a room of this romantic luxury hotel in Paris, near the Champs Elysées, you are struck by the atmosphere of softness and serenity that reigns in the place. One comes to bask in a comfortable, elegant, well-equipped room and completely cut off from the world. The Opal Opera Hotel near Boulevard Haussmann is the most beautiful romantic hotel in Paris 8.

Luxury hotel for lovers in Paris, luxury hotel for lovers in Paris

The Opal Opera Hotel is located on the rue Tronchet. Paris 8th district, Boulevard Haussmann and rue des Mathurins, Opéra Garnier and Madeleine church, it's hard to blame the neighborhood of this romantic hotel in Paris for its proximity. If your idea of a romantic stay is not limited to the joys of a comfortable and cocooning room, then your location will be perfect. All that Paris has to offer in the way of entertainment, culture and entertainment is just a stone's throw from your room at this romantic hotel in Paris 8. It is even easier to enjoy the richness of Paris as the hotel offers an online concierge service that allows you to enjoy reservations in the classic, unknown or unusual places of the capital in the best conditions. All the elements are gathered to make the Opal Opera Hotel your new luxury and romantic hotel in Paris.

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